Northwest Speech Language offers the following services:

  • Comprehensive Speech and Language Evaluation
  • Speech and Language Screenings
  • Individual and Small Group Therapy
  • Consultation with School Personnel
  • Collaboration with Teachers
  • Workshops for Teachers and Parents

Comprehensive Speech and Language Evaluation This assessment provides in-depth information about an individual’s receptive and expressive language skills across oral and written modalities (speaking, listening, reading, writing).  In addition to results obtained from formal and informal measures, input from parents, teachers and other relevant persons are integrated into the analysis.  Evaluation results are provided in the form of a written report that provides DSM-V diagnostic codes, if applicable, as well as recommendations for future steps.  Testing requires approximately four hours to complete and can be scheduled in one or more sessions.

Screening Screening assessments can provide a useful means to determine whether an individual’s communication skills appear age-appropriate or whether an individual should be referred for a comprehensive speech and language assessment.  Northwest Speech Language will administer screeners for oral receptive and expressive language, phonological awareness, and/or articulation skills. These are available through schools who wish to help parents and teachers identify students who might be at risk for academic difficulties.

Individual and Small Group Therapy 60-minute individual sessions are provided to address specific areas of difficulty.  The number of sessions per week is determined on a case-by-case basis. Group sessions are offered on an intermittent basis and consist of 90-120 minute sessions that meet weekly for an 8-week period.  These are offered to adolescents who seek support with higher-level comprehension skills needed to infer, analyze and synthesize when listening or reading, or who want to develop academic written language skills needed to produce short-answer responses, 5-paragraph essays, persuasive essays, or research papers.

Workshops Workshop content is developed to meet the needs and interests of the audience, whether classroom teachers, parent groups, administrators, graduate students, tutor trainees, or other interested parties.  Content can be adapted to meet different timeframes, from 45 minutes to 4 hours. Examples of previous workshop titles are listed below:

How Language Development Affects Reading:  Decoding & Comprehension

Improving Written Language Skills for the Elementary Student with Learning Disabilities

Misunderstanding & Misinterpreting:  How Speech & Language Difficulties Contribute to Adolescent Behavior

Teaching Foreign Languages to Students with Learning Disabilities

Language and Executive Functioning

Phonological Awareness:  What It Is and How It Impacts Reading and Writing